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Here you find a list of libraries gathering books & scripts collaboratively maintained by Algolit members., initiated by Sean Dockray, hosts full-text pdfs of over 50,000 books and articles. The library is connected to a an alternative education project called the Public School, which serves as a platform for self-organizing lectures, workshops and projects in cities across the globe. Aaaaaarg’s catalog is viewable by the public, but upload/download privileges are restricted through an invite system, thus circumventing copyright law.

Algolit (embryonic) Collection


  • 1984


  • Algorithmic storytellers


  • NLTKavan is a semantic and fictional archive designed out of a collection of data related to the British novelist Anna Kavan (1901–1968). This artwork is the result of the collaboration between the duo of designers and programmers <stdin> (Alexandre Leray, Stéphanie Vilayphiou) and the author Catherine Lenoble. This online artwork layouts textual statements and visual interpretations on the work and life of Anna Kavan. The underlying data has been scraped from existing electronic sources and generated either manually or programmatically by scripts which extracts and produces a semantic archive mixed up with bits of narratives.

Toolbox accessible here & soon the collection of scripts (Python, NLTK).