Algoliterary Encounters

From Algolit


Algoliterary works

A selection of works by members of Algolit presented in other contexts before.

Algoliterary explorations

This chapter presents part of the research of Algolit over the past year.

What the Machine Writes: a closer look at the output

Two neural networks are presented more closely, what content do they produce?

How the Machine Reads: Dissecting Neural Networks


Working with Neural Networks includes collecting big amounts of textual data. We compared a 'regular' size with the collection of words of the Library of St-Gilles.

Public datasets

Most commonly used public datasets are gathered at Amazon. We looked closely at the following two:

Algoliterary datasets

Working with literary texts allows for poetic beauty in the reading/writing of the algorithms. This is a small collection used for experiments.

From words to numbers

As machine learning is based on statistics and math, in order to process text, words need to be transformed to numbers. In the following section we present three technologies to do so.

Different vizualisations of word embeddings
Inspecting the technique behind word embeddings

How a Machine Might Speak

If a computer model for language comprehension could speak, what would it say?


The scripts we used and a selection of texts that kept us company.